Our Day at Kidz World


Our day is filled with so much fun. In the classrooms we have a huge selection of toys, books and other learning resources. Many of them have been brought from the U.K. During the day we love to create, discover, cook, laugh and grow.

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  • British Curriculum Nursery Bahrain

Front of School

At the front of the school we have bikes and trucks, slides and see saws – all the toys that a child can imagine. We have balls and hoops, balance beams and bean bags and more and more! The garden is a beautiful colourful grass area with sun covers.

School Hall & Library

We have a large hall that is used for music and dance, yoga and exercise. Our library is visited once or twice a week by all classes and the children in the nursery and reception classes take a book home to read with their family each week.

Back of Kindergarten

In the back of the kindergarten we have a dedicated sand and water play area which usually produces some yummy mud cakes! On the other side there is a large selection of building blocks where children work together to make their creations.

Monthly Fun Days

The last Thursday of every month we have a super fun day where no one is allowed to wear a uniform and every must have lots of fun! In the past we have had teddy bear picnics, water splash day, professional musicians, fire trucks and ambulance’s visit us in the past.

Field Trips & Events

We go on field trips to indoor play areas, parks such as the Amwaj Bird Kingdom as well as U.K. Theatrical productions such as ‘Cat in a hat’ and ‘Pinocchio”. We celebrate events throughout the year such as in December we celebrate National day, in February we have our sports day and in June we put on a big performance for the mums and dads.