• Villa No. 1522, Road 2733 Block 327, Adliya, Bahrain

Class Details

NURSERY (3-4 ages)

Sessions: Monday – Friday


9am – 12noon


12noon – 1pm


1pm – 3.30pm


Class incharge

Miss Willimes Thomas


20 Seats


2 – 6 Years


4 Hours


In nursery years, academic knowledge is introduced in a developmentally appropriate and play-based manner. While the focus isn’t solely on traditional academic subjects like reading, writing, and mathematics, nursery education lays the foundation for future learning by nurturing various skills and concepts:


Early Literacy:

Pre-Reading Skills: Introducing letters, sounds, and phonemic awareness through storytelling, rhymes, and exposure to books.


Language Development: Building vocabulary, understanding basic sentence structures, and encouraging communication through conversations and language-rich activities.

Numeracy and Mathematics:

Basic Counting and Number Recognition: Introducing numbers through counting games, songs, and activities to develop number awareness.

Shapes, Patterns, and Sorting: Exploring shapes, patterns, and categorization through play-based activities and manipulatives.

Science and Exploration:

Nature Studies: Observing and exploring the natural world, learning about plants, animals, and the environment through sensory experiences and simple experiments.

Basic Scientific Concepts: Introducing concepts like cause and effect, observation, and experimentation through hands-on activities.

Creative Arts:

Artistic Expression: Encouraging creativity through various art mediums like drawing, painting, sculpting, and crafting.

Music and Movement: Exploring rhythm, music, and movement to foster creativity and coordination.

Social and Emotional Development:

Social Skills: Promoting interaction, sharing, turn-taking, and cooperation through group activities and play.

Emotional Awareness: Supporting emotional development, empathy, and self-regulation through discussions and activities addressing feelings.

Physical Development:

Gross Motor Skills: Engaging in physical activities that promote coordination, balance, and large muscle development through games, running, and climbing.

Fine Motor Skills: Developing dexterity and hand-eye coordination through activities like threading, puzzles, and manipulating small objects.