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Ms. Sarah Walls, originally from the U.K., has been our School Principal since August 2020. Ms. Sarah has over 15 years’ of experience in Education and Teaching with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Linguistics, and a British P.G.C.E.  Primary qualification specializing in English. Prior to teaching Ms. Sarah worked in the Corporate Sector for many years and has been able to transfer many of her skills to her current role. Her education experience includes the U.K. and also 13 years in the Middle East where she has taught in Saudi Arabia, Cairo and is now in her 6th year in Bahrain. 

She has worked with children, parents and staff from many different nationalities and cultures. Ms. Sarah has a passion for instilling good values in children and a heart to watch them grow. She believes the strong home-school links further enhance a child’s academic and social and emotional development.

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    Kidz World in 60 Seconds

    Early Years Foundation Stage (Preschool - Pre-K)

    The early years curriculum starts your child off on the road of a lifelong learner, and develops numeracy and literacy through play.

    Kidz World Kindergarten is founded on the guiding principle of providing an education based upon the assurance of high quality teaching and learning.


    Children from 2 to 5 years old learn in our bright, engaging, play-based environment. Our large open learning spaces and classrooms allow our youngest learners to develop personally, socially, and emotionally, whilst building their confidence to develop academically and ultimately love learning in an international context.   

    Providing an environment for young children to express themselves and speak and listen in a range of situations allows them to develop their language and communication skills.

    We all know that young children often love to be active, but they also need to understand that continued physical activity as well as healthy food choices are important, and why.

    This area helps to shape children’s social skills and develops respect and an understanding of their different feelings.

    It’s important for children to discover phonemic awareness – the ability to hear and identify different words and sounds, and also to start reading and writing.

    Children need to be guided in developing skills with numbers and calculations, as well as being able to describe shapes, spaces, and measures.

    This involves children making sense of things by observing and exploring everything from the places they spend time to the technology and other things that they use.

    Activities like drawing, playing with paint, instruments or technology all give children the chance to express themselves and learn new things.


    Explore the students experience

    “Thank you for everything. You played huge role in my first child’s early days. Each one of you made a difference and thank you from the bottom of my heart, the best pre-school and now my baby boy is with you and we are glad that we still have 2 more years with you, an .emotional day for Iqra and me..God bless and happy holidays . She will miss her school and teachers.”
    Iqra’s mum
    “Hariti was honoured with a certificate for Excellent Reading by her principal in her new primary school. It was such a proud moment for her and us as parents, but it would be unfair if we didn’t share this honour with the teachers of kidz world kindergarten, I thank Ms.Avril for the effort she puts in every single day to make sure the school and the classes do not compromise with anything and all that with a smile always. Haritis teachers, all of you have left a memorable impression on my daughters early school days and surely one she will remember forever. She still misses you all a lot. Thank you for everything”
    Hariti’s mum
    “Thank you for being an excellent educators! We know teachers like you are not easy to find. We appreciate your time, your patience, your ability to to participate on our little ones growth . Thank you for your smile . You made and always make a great effort to achieve the best goals ever . Thank you from my heart as a mom. You made the class room a second home . God bless you all best teachers”
    Mohammed’s mum

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