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Year 1 ( 5-6 ages)

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In Year 1, children continue to build upon the foundational skills developed in Reception while transitioning into more structured academic learning. The curriculum in Year 1 begins to deepen subject-specific knowledge and skills across various areas:


Reading Development

Building on phonics skills, expanding sight vocabulary, and developing reading fluency through guided reading sessions.

Writing Skills

Introducing sentence structure, punctuation, and beginning to compose short narratives or descriptions.



Number Sense

  • Further exploring addition, subtraction, and beginning to understand place value concepts.

Geometry & Measurement

  • Introducing 2D and 3D shapes, measuring length, capacity, and weight.



Scientific Inquiry

  • Engaging in simple experiments, observations, and investigations to explore scientific concepts in areas such as materials, forces, and living things.

Nature Studies

  • Learning about habitats, life cycles, and basic ecology.


Introduction to History and Geography

Exploring basic historical events, timelines, and understanding local geography.

Cultural Studies

Introducing different cultures, traditions, and aspects of global communities.

Creative Arts


Artistic Skills

Developing artistic techniques through drawing, painting, and other creative mediums.


Performing Arts

Exploring drama, music, and dance to encourage self-expression and creativity.

Physical Education

Sports and Physical Skills: Further developing coordination, agility, and sportsmanship through various physical activities and games.

Physical, Social and Health Education

Collaboration & Communication

Fostering teamwork, effective communication, and problem-solving skills through group work and collaborative projects.

Emotional Resilience

Supporting emotional intelligence, resilience, and coping strategies.

Year 1 marks a transition to more structured learning while maintaining an engaging and interactive approach to education. The curriculum expands subject-specific knowledge and skills, encouraging children to explore and develop their understanding of various concepts. The goal remains to build a strong academic foundation while nurturing a love for learning and exploration.