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Welcome to our kindergarten. Our kindergarten accommodates children from ages 18 Months to 6 Years old. Teaching is based on the U.K. curriculum and our school year runs from September until June

Our prenursery classes (18 months – 3 years) love to play and run around. It is usually the first time the children have separated from their mums and dads and their first time to be around so many children so throughout the year they are learning to be become more independent, share and learn to play well with others.
The following year the children move into the nursery classes (3-4 years), here the children start learning to recognize and write their numbers and sounds. The children have now become more independent and creative. Drawing pictures, telling stories and role play is a large part of the learning in this year.

Reception classes (4-5 years) prepare the children for primary school. In these classes children are learning to read and write sentences and do some math’s problems. In the past they have even debated on the good and bad of ice cream!! Parents are invited to join workshops regularly which guide them on new learning approaches and how they can help their child at home.

Children can learn Arabic daily and twice a week children can join The Quran or French classes during school time (All optional). We have a dedicated learning support teacher for children whose English is a second or third language. We always have a nurse at school, and we keep in close communication with our parents by email, SMS, apps and regular face to face meetings.

We have grown significantly in the past couple of years, but we are still a very close community and are always thinking of new ways that children can learn a lot in the most fun way.

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